Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Important Points to Remember During a CPR Rescue

In life, you can never be too confident that a life and death situation will not come your way sooner or later. If that happens, can you forgive yourself if you have not prepared yourself by even the simplest means possible? Specifically, in the event of having a loved one in need of an immediate first aid rescue, can you just sit idly by, especially if there is no one at the scene but you to account for? This is not a rare case and as someone who does not know their own first aid techniques, you cannot expect the next person to have theirs. This means that even when your emergency occurs in the middle of a public area, you can never have the assurance that someone can just swoop in and take over the rescue attempt. Moreover, at most cases where first aid treatment is needed, one should not fully rely on emergency response teams. It is important for you take it upon yourself to save your loved one. For this, one technique that you should definitely take time to learn is CPR.

CPR first aid training programs are widely available across the country and most organizers have been associated with the likes of the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross. These training courses will run through a specific duration after which, as the trainee, you will be given a certification as a trained CPR rescuer. This will simply credit your background in the practice should you need to attend to a victim who needs CPR rescue.  CPR first aid training programs are available online and in-site, both of which gives equal certification. More importantly, both tackle the most important principles of the life-saving technique. Here are two of the lessons taught in these training programs.

  • Take control of the situation - CPR first aid training will tell you one important thing to remember and that is to utilize as much help as you can. Though you may be the one delivering the CPR rescue, it would be a good idea to let other people get involved, if there are any. For an instance, it is a common approach to let someone else to call 911 while you tend to the victim. A specific person should be appointed to do this instead of yelling at a crowd since it makes more likely for the call to be made right away,
  • Take control of your emotions - CPR first aid training will go over how you should ground yourself during a rescue. This is especially important when the victim is someone important in your life. In any case, however, it is important for you to stay level-headed to make the right decisions. Having someone’s life in your hands can indeed be a lot of pressure but it can only be done right if you can keep your emotions in check during the rescue. 

While not mainly focused on the CPR technique, these reminders are included in CPR first aid training for good reasons. They can be the factors that determine the success or failure of your CPR rescue. 

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