Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Keep Your Business Safe with the Right Combination of AED and CPR at Your Disposal

AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) are highly important devices that are highly essential to any public area. In fact, there are even certain environments where it is required by law to not only have AED devices, but a full standardized program for its use in case an emergency happens.

In case you are running a business in an open commercial space, whether or not required, you would do well to have your own AED CPR program set up at your place. This is a common practice nowadays since you would want to ensure both your employees’ and customers’ safety within your discretion. What most people tend to have a problem with, though, is how to do it right. Conveniently, comprehensive information about the matter can be easily found all over the internet. There are many non-profit organizations that advocate the implementation of an AED CPR program in every public setting and they are eager to let people have access to the knowledge that they require. Now, here are the first three steps in implementing your CPR/AED or PAD (Public Access Defibrillation) program.

The first thing to do is to get potential stakeholders who are interested in the implementation of a reliable AED CPR program. There are many organizations, both government and non-government, who are quite keen in supporting the execution of these programs in public and working establishments. The American Heart Association, the American Red Cross as well as medical institutions, law enforcement and fire departments are some of the potential stakeholders that you should keep in mind. With these parties, you can have conferences regarding AED and CPR rescues and the importance of a comprehensive system that covers it all in your establishment. Through this, the most important aspects can be highlighted and be brought into detail once the CPR/AED program is to be started.

The next thing to do is to garner the necessary funds for the implementation of the AED CPR program. Through the stakeholders, it might be easy to get in contact with a network of willing parties to provide the funding. Apart from the stakeholders, there are various ways in which you can approach the funding of your AED and CPR program. You can go for fundraising events, endowments and grants. As long as you can execute it appropriately, you can definitely succeed in utilizing your sources.

Lastly, there is the selection of your AED devices and the CPR and AED training of your people. You should know that for the devices, you do not necessarily have to settle with one AED model. You have the option of utilizing different brands at the same time. However, using a single model is generally accepted as the more beneficial option. This also affects the training of your staff, whereas, they are more likely to adjust completely with only one model instead of trying to be familiar with several models. This helps make them more reliable for the administration of AED rescue with their respective devices. Essentially, with the proper training and devices in place, the AED CPR program will be adequately initiated.

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