Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Taking Action against SCAs: AED and CPR Training and its Relevance to a Workplace

SCA or Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a serious matter that needs to be dealt with intense focus. Inside the United States, there are thousands of casualties that involve SCA, most causing the victims’ abrupt death. What is causing much greater worry is that the victims range significantly in age. If back then, such cases are only common to people of certain age, now, even younger individuals suffer from the condition as well. Given that such incidents often come unforeseen, the only solution that rings clear is to learn of some preventive measures. Two of which are the administration of defibrillation and CPR.

AED and CPR are two separate techniques with the same purpose; save lives by restoring the body functions. Mainly, these will be for drowning victims and the aforementioned SCA victims. In any case, the administration of both can be more effective in saving the victim’s life compared to administering just one of the two. It is for this reason that AED CPR training has been made available, tackling the all-inclusive practices and principles of the two techniques. Having someone who is certified for the application of both during an emergency situation will give a better sense of security that the victim can be revived successfully even before the actual emergency response team arrives.
The AED CPR training programs are quite commonly offered in many health centers and institutions these days and a lot of individuals are eager to take the classes. Given how various health issues, especially regarding the heart, are typical of the average American today, it is only right for the people to be prepared should the unthinkable happens. While at certain areas, professionals are required by law to undergo AED CPR training programs, even those that do not necessarily need to comply with such charges, take it upon themselves to acquire the training.

In public places or work environments, it is a standard practice to have what is called an AED program wherein an establishment is equipped with an appropriate amount of AED devices tactically placed in the most suitable areas. However, it does not simply stop with having the AED devices installed. The business owner should also see to it that there are people in the area who can make use of the devices in the time of an emergency. For this purpose, they will have their staff under extensive AED CPR training programs, giving them the skills and certification to attend to an emergency situation.  Through the proper implementation of the AED/CPR program, the business owner can have lower liabilities should an incident actually transpire within their AED/CPR protected facilities.

With SCA incidents continuously taking place all around the country, the importance of AED CPR training programs and AED program implementation is greatly emphasized. There are many organizations that give easy access to the training classes for AED administration and CPR rescues. Subsequently, these training programs give way to the execution of adequate AED programs. In the end, you have no excuse to pass on the training for AED and CPR.

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